Reducing Emissions for the Oceans, Economy, and Your Future


Whether we’re leaving a dirty pot in the sink to “soak” because we don’t feel like washing it, pushing off a yearly trip to the dentist, or forgoing a routine sweeping of the floors for the next week, the truth is that we all have the tendency to view tomorrow a little differently from today. It seems full of possibilities and potential, and most importantly, doesn’t seem to require anything from us in the moment. As a college student, I’ve been guilty of leaving some assignments until the morning they’re due, or chapters unread before a test, and the feeling…

The Human Tendency to Turn Away From Reality

Photo by Dimitris Tselios on Unsplash

Though I was born in Lafayette, Indiana, much of what I remember from my childhood is growing up in Houston, Texas, with Galveston Bay a stone’s throw away — that is, a stone’s throw and a hearty dose of Friday afternoon traffic on I-45. No one from Galveston or Houston particularly likes Galveston Bay for its beauty. Ask anyone what they think of it, and nine times out of ten they’ll just say “brown”. Yet I’ve burned my skin to a crisp on those beaches more times than I can remember; balanced…

How President Trump’s EPA Rollbacks Will Affect Our Oceans

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Our earth’s natural functions are both exceptionally complex and susceptible to human alteration, as has increasingly been the case since as early as the Industrial Revolution. While there are countless examples of these human interferences, one addition comes in the form of the Trump administration’s attempted rollback of a hundred standing EPA regulations and protections, including loosening fuel economy standards and clean air governances. But for all the media buzz deeming these rollbacks a devastating blow to the environment, it can be difficult to determine what exactly that means. …

Emily Hirsh

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